GLANET Ltd. is czech producer of an original nail care instrument - GLASS NAIL FILE.

GLANET  is cooperating with lots of major health and beauty manufacturers, wholesale distributors, beauty and spa salons and other importers around the world. We pay high attention to every our client and customer. It is our priority to deliver this quality product in time and safety conditions.

We do welcome to all entrepreneurs who are interested in importing of this quality nail care instrument.


Manufacturing process of glass nail files goes through several stages of the handmade process. Glass Nail Files are produced of float glass, which is lead-free glass, ecological with no harmless to health. In first stage of production process the mixture of chemicals is allowed to remain on glass sheets to gain roughened surface. This process is technologically very demanding and makes our product unique. It is important to set the right proportion of all presented mixtures as well as to determine correct timing of their reaction.

Glass sheets are manually cutted into pieces and hand shaped by experienced workers who work in the glass industry for many years. Only experienced people in the field are able to give to our product the best quality and precise manual processing. Due to the quality work, our Glass Nail Files seem to be as an automatically produced product, but it's not true. Each piece is unique and original. Shaping of glass files demands great skill. Our product is characterised by smooth and rounded edges for safe use.

Very significant technological step is hardening. This dramatically increases firmness of the glass as well as its impact resistance. The strength of the material guarantees long life of our product.

Decoration is the next stage of our production. It covers colouring, hand engraving, sandblasting, logo printing, hand painting, or applying of Swarovski stones.

Some of the techniques, such as painting, require that glass nail files must go through the process of burning to achieve a lasting effect.

After each decoration technique comes quality control checking. Just perfect product can leave production premises; it is prepared for packing and ready for subsequent expedition.